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Geospatial Database Management

Having a properly setup database lays a strong foundation for your project. We setup, fine tune and manage geospatial data with Postgres and the famous spatial extension PostGIS.

Data Collection

We understand the importance of using quality data for analysis and are experts at obtaining it. Whether it is web scraping, querying APIs or pulling data from the OpenStreetMap, we are familiar with all the data collection techniques.

Geospatial Data Processing

Choosing the correct tools to analyze geospatial data can be difficult. We are experts at it and use a variety of programming langauges and softwares to get the best results. We lean heavily on PostGIS and various Python packages but are always searching and exploring for better tools.

Interactive Maps

Maps should tell a story and be a tool for decision making. We create interactive maps from open source mapping software desgined to empower sound decision making.

Site Selection Analysis

In retail, the best location for your product is immensely important. We provide the tools and analysis to help find the best property or area for your business. We obtain property data, relevant zoning datasets and census data and mesh it all together to make sense for each project.

Geospatial Support

Implementing geospatial data into existing workflows can be cumbersome. We provide our expert opinions on how to navigate that process.


We are a consulting group who leverages geospatial technology to help drive business, organizational and governmental decisions. We specilize in managing geospatial data, running analysis and building interactive map tools. We are proud supporters and aim to utilize open souce technology as much as possible.


Ziggy Spatial was founded by Ralph Zagha a GIS Developer in 2018. Ralph graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Environmental Planning and a concentration in GIS. He started out his career working as a GIS analyst for the NJDEP where he used Python and PostGIS to model and map hazardous scenarios throughout the state. He went on to work as a GIS Specialist for the NJ Highlands Council where he managed the geospatial infrastructure and ran analysis's for land and water quality preservation. Next, he worked as a GIS developer for the NYCDOT where he utilized his full stack geospatial repertoire to run vector and raster analysis targeting sidewalk repair measures and built internal web maps. Along his career journey he formed Ziggy Spatial and began working on cannabis site selection analysis throughout the country and wastewater mapping. As his skills and experience took off he decided to grow Ziggy Spatial full time.

Cannabis Interactive Map Tool

Goal - Help the client locate the ideal area or property for a cannabis facility
Challenges - Cannabis facility locational laws often have very strict requirements. They can vary greatly for each town and can be difficult to analyze when looking for an area or property.
• The first step in addressing spatial challenges is obtaining high quality data. We obtained datasets of NJ parcels, schools, parks, childcares, libraries, existing dispensaries and census data for income and population.
• The next step was incorperating the cannabis locational laws into geospatial analysis on the collected datasets.
• The final piece was creating an interactive map that ties together all the collected data and completed analysis.
Results - Custom interactive map tool that helps the client identify properties or areas for a cannabis facility

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